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The Rowan Writing Center’s mission is to create a university community of strong, confident writers and communicators.  The Writing Center offers a space where writers of many genres can find support at any stage of the writing process.  From brainstorming ideas, organizing them, revising drafts and checking citations, the RWC and its tutors provide a comfortable environment for students to improve and succeed.


The Writing Center offers FREE one-on-one writing support for all students in both face-to-face and online formats. You can work with a tutor at any stage in the writing process: in these appointments, you and your tutor might determine how to understand and approach an assignment or project, plan your writing (outlines, phases, sub-deadlines), understanding and engaging with readings, generating ideas for writing, integrating sources, structuring/organizing and reorganizing ideas, assess your draft for its effectiveness and make recommendations for revision, review and respond to instructor feedback on a draft, or work on steps like proofreading or citation.

The Rowan Writing Center can assist you with: 

  • Research Papers

  • Argument Essays

  • Visual presentations

  • Video

  • Social media

  • Graphic design

  • Performance

  • Public speaking​

  • Website development

  • Science writing

  • Lesson planning and design

  • Conference posters and presentations

  • Business and technical writing

  • Game design

  • Usability

  • Oral histories

  • Digital humanities projects

  • Magazine design

  • And more…




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