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Foundations for College Writing is a course for students whose writing has been identified as not yet college-ready. The course introduces students to the conventions of academic writing and the understanding of writing as a conversation among many who are sharing ideas. Students who pass this course receive three elective credits and take Intensive College Composition I as the first course in the Rowan Core gen-ed sequence.

Students take either CCI or ICCI to fulfill the first part of the Rowan Core program’s two-course composition requirement. ICCI is a four-credit course with a studio component, designed to provide more intensive support for students who would benefit from additional instruction and practice with reading comprehension, close and critical reading, developing ideas, focusing and organizing their writing, and identifying tasks involved in and working through writing and revision. 




CCI fulfillS the first part of the Rowan Core program’s two-course composition requirement. CCI & ICCI introduce students to rhetorically meaningful writing and ways of thinking (habits of mind) that are associated with successful college writing. A central emphasis of the course is critical engagement with sources: students engage with texts representing different perspectives, developing their ability to critically read, analyze, synthesize, and respond to those texts.

CCII fulfills the second half of the Rowan Core program's composition sequence. This course introduces students to formal argumentation, self-directed research, and information literacy. While CCI/ICCI focuses on critical engagement with sources, CCII asks students to engage more deeply with existing conversations through research, establishing their own independent research agendas and formulating more sophisticated, informed arguments. 

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